Includes all Developer Edition features, plus:

  • Static Code Analysis for 29 languages
  • Portfolio Management
  • Executive Reporting
  • Security Reports
  • Project Transfer


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Pricing Details

How is Enterprise Edition licensed?

Enterprise Edition is priced per instance per year and based on your lines of code (LOC). An instance is an installation of SonarQube. You pay per instance for a maximum number of LOC to be analyzed. Find your max LOC below to see what it will cost you per year:

For 1 - 20 million lines of code, you can choose to add support for an additional €15,000. Starting at 30 million lines of code, support is included in the price above. Learn more about SonarSource support.

Need to analyze more lines of code? Check out our Data Center Edition, and discover the horizontal scalability and high availability for global deployments!

How do we count Lines of Code (LOC)?

LOCs are computed by summing up the main/program LOCs of each project analyzed. Lines of test code are never included in this number. The LOCs used for a project are the LOCs found during the most recent analysis of this project. If you start using the branch analysis feature, then the counted LOCs of a project will be the ones of the biggest branch of that project.

What will happen if my instance is getting close to or reaches the limit of LOCs?

If you are getting close to the threshold you will be notified to either upgrade your plan or reduce the number of LOCs in your projects. If you reach the limit your SonarQube will stop accepting new project analyses.

Do I need to pay now?

No payment is required to request or activate a free trial license. After you request a free trial, a SonarSource representative will be in contact with you to activate the trial and discuss options for once your trial is complete.

Who is SonarSource?

SonarSource is the company that maintains and promotes SonarQube since 2008, helping developers and organizations of all sizes to manage the quality & security of their code, and ultimately deliver better software.

How do I engage with SonarSource if I have more specific commercial questions?

You can contact SonarSource here