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SonarQube 7.8

June 19, 2019
Developer Centric Application Security Tools
More Usable Portfolio Summaries

Detect Security Issues in Code Review

Security threats don’t always present as no-brainers. SonarQube helps developers spot areas of concern and offers next-step guidance.
Security Hotspot in pull request

Workflow Friendly Security Tools DE Available on Developer Edition EE Available on Enterprise Edition DCE Available on Data Center Edition

Navigate and Comprehend Vulnerabilities Like a Pro

SonarQube v7.8 improves the vulnerability assessment UI so you can navigate complex data flows and determine an effective, root-cause fix.
Comprehensive UI navigation through vulnerabilities

Detect Security Hotspots in PRs and Branches

Spot the bad actors hiding in your Pull Requests and Short-lived Branches. You love working with branches and now we’ll help you find Security Hotspots there too!
Security report for pull requests and branches

Security Reporting for Enterprise Projects
EE Available on Enterprise Edition DCE Available on Data Center Edition

Security Audit Reports That Don’t Require a Translator

Finally, Developers and Security Auditors can speak the same language! Built-in security reports, with developer friendly language, shorten the vulnerability feedback loop and get developers fixing security holes quickly.
Dedicated security reports with standard OWASP and SANS categories

Usable Portfolio PDFs

You asked for more usable PDF reporting and we listened! The new format generates concise PDFs with actionable data that’s easy to embed in presentations and share with larger audiences.
PDF reporting with actionable data easy to share

Language Updates

  With every release we add more rules and capabilities to help you find more issues:


  • Java 12 support
  • 7 new rules adding to 530+
As usual, visit rules.sonarsource.com to discover all the bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells that SonarQube can detect across 25+ languages

And there's more in the latest versions!

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