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SonarQube 7.5

December 20, 2018
Scala and Apex analysis, enhanced security reports
& new language rules

Scala and Apex Join the Languages Family!

With the addition of Scala and Apex, we’ve added 6 major languages in 6 months. We put an emphasis on language support in 2018 and with this latest release, SonarQube now supports 26 languages across all editions!

With 40+ rules, cognitive complexity and duplication detection, Scala developers can now write the cleanest code ever. Come join the fun - it’s free and open-source.


Development on Salesforce is now synonymous with clean, quality code. With 40+ rules, along with cognitive complexity and duplication detection, we’ve got your Apex projects covered. Available in Enterprise Edition.

Fine Tune Security Reports

Keep your security settings in tip top shape without digging through screens and menus. When new rules come around, you’ll see their availability and you can decide if they’re relevant. It’s important Quality Profile housekeeping and we’ve made it easier to do it effectively and efficiently!
Security Reports

Duplication Metric on Short-lived Branches and Pull Requests DE Available on Developer Edition EE Available on Enterprise Edition DCE Available on Data Center Edition

SonarQube v7.5 gives you a more complete and deeper understanding of your code’s quality and reliability by showing you duplication issues on short-lived branches and pull requests.
Pull Request

Language Updates

  We added more rules so you can find more issues. Check out the language improvements bundled with SonarQube 7.5:  


  • 7 new Bug Detection rules & 10 new Code Smell rules
  • 12 new Security Hotspots
  • Injection flaws now detected when manipulating arrays


  • 17 new Security Hotspots
  • Injection flaws now detected when manipulating arrays


  • 5 new rules, adding to 150+ static analysis rules


  • 18 new Security Hotspots
As usual, visit rules.sonarsource.com to discover all the bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells that SonarQube can detect across 25+ languages

And there's more in latest versions!

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