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SonarQube 7.4

October 29, 2018
Ruby analysis, .NET for all and much more. The latest release of SonarQube brings a little something to everyone.

Ruby Ruby Analysis Has Arrived!

At SonarSource, we’re serious about supporting all the major languages and development environments. With the addition of Ruby, we’ve added four major languages in five months!

With more than 40 new rules, cognitive complexity and duplication detection, Ruby developers now have a code quality tool to call their own.

Come join the fun - it’s free and open-source!
Learn more about the bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities SonarQube detects in Ruby on our dedicated rules page.

Do Even More with .NET

VB.NET Available for Everyone

SonarSource deepens its embrace of the .NET community by open-sourcing VB.NET analysis, which is now available in the Community Edition. Writing clean, quality VB code costs you nothing!

Consolidate All Reports From Your Roslyn Analyzers

Using other Roslyn analyzers? SonarQube 7.4 is flexible and lets you automatically import their issues with zero configuration required. That way you can capture .NET code quality and releasability all in one place.


Detect Security Hotspots in More Languages

In SonarQube 7.3, we introduced Security Hotspot detection for Java and PHP. In Version 7.4, coverage is expanded to include Swift, T-SQL, VB.NET and C#.

Pull Request Analysis Just Got Even Better DE Available on Developer Edition EE Available on Enterprise Edition DCE Available on Data Center Edition

We know Pull Requests are an important part of your workflow so we added test coverage metrics to analysis results giving you a more complete picture of your project’s readiness. Included as part of the Developer, Enterprise and Data Center Editions!
Pull Request

Keeping Pace with Language Improvements

  We take continuous improvement seriously and that includes languages. Check out the language improvements we have bundled with SonarQube 7.4.  


  • Now open-source and part of Community Edition
  • 38 new rules
  • Security Hotspot detection


  • TypeScript 3.0 support
  • 4 new rules; adding to 100+ static analysis rules


  • Swift 4.2 support
  • Security Hotspot detection
  • Import SwiftLint issues into SonarQube


  • 16 new rules; adding to 60+ static analysis rules
  • Security Hotspot detection


  • Java 11 syntax support
  • 11 new rules; adding to 450+ static analysis rules


  • C# 7 syntax support
  • Security Hotspot detection


The Best of the Rest!

Here are a few more product improvements so you get the most value from SonarQube.

JaCoCo Coverage

Import JaCoCo coverage reports (XML format) into your Kotlin and Java projects.

Embedded Documentation

All important concepts and explanations are now available directly in the SonarQube UI.

And there's more in latest versions!

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