Eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities in your GitLab repositories with SonarQube.

Eliminate Bugs and Vulnerabilities
in your GitLab repositories

SonarQube Commercial Editions tightly integrate with GitLab
so your team can write clean, quality code all day long!

Find issues before you merge

SonarQube analyzes branches and Merge Requests so you spot and resolve issues BEFORE you merge to master. Clean code becomes the norm!

SonarQube analyzes branches and Merge Requests in GitLab
Quality Gate and code metric results published right in GitLab
Always know your code health

SonarQube publishes Quality Gate and code metric results right in the Merge Request overview. You’re always getting the right info, at the right time and in the right place.

SonarQube helps you find AND fix

Finding code issues is great...and fixing them is awesome! SonarQube dives directly into detected issues and offers contextual help so you can resolve them quickly.

Bonus: you learn clean coding practices each day.

Detect BugsBugs
Detect VulnerabilitiesSecurity Vulnerabilities
Detect HotspotsSecurity Hotspots
Detect Code SmellsCode Smells
SonarQube detects issues and offers contextual help

See the benefits for yourself!

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    Analysis workflow

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    MR Decoration Demo

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    Benefits Summary

  • 4:30min

    Wrap Up

Built-in features make analysis a snap!

Easy authentication
Built-in feature for easy GitLab authentication

SonarQube supports delegated authentication and group membership synchronization. If you’re logged into your GitLab account, you’re all set.

Auto issue assignment
Built-in feature for auto blame data assignement

Native Git data support so issues are automatically assigned and tracked.

Only merge clean code
Built-in feature for CI chain configuration

Tight integration means you can optionally configure your pipeline to block a merge on a red Quality Gate.

End-to-End CI/CD benefits

With its close coupling to GitLab, SonarQube analyzes your projects and provides
code health metrics at the right time and in the right place.

It’s your same efficient workflow improved with cleaner, safer code.

SonarQube analyzes your projects and provides code health metricsqrrq

Non-disruptive code quality analysis overlays your workflow so you can intelligently promote only clean builds.

Your project’s Quality Gate status is clearly decorated right in GitLab Pipelines along with code coverage and duplication metrics. Live updating keeps everyone on the same page.

Integrate with GitLab CI, Jenkins, TeamCity, Azure Pipelines or any other CI.

Integrate with GitLab CI Integrate with Jenkins Integrate with TeamCity Integrate with Azure Pipelines Integrate SonarQube with AppVeyor
Transparency is best

Use SonarQube badges to share the good vibes and be transparent with your community!

Use Quality Gate badges to share your Code Quality & Code Security commitment with the Community

Code Quality and Code Security™ in your language

SonarQube Developer Edition supports 20+ languages including modern
favorites and classic workhorses

Developer Edition

Ready to analyze your GitLab projects?

Merge Request decoration and branch analysis features start with Developer Edition.

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