Quality Gate indicator Quality Gate

Release Quality Code
Every. Time.

Quality Gates tell you at every analysis whether your code is ready to release.

The Quality Gate status reflects your
      project's most important aspects

Quality Gates show your project Releasability

Detecting bugs

Bugs suck

Delivering buggy software erodes your reputation and your users' confidence.

Code Quality

Protect your reputation

Out of the box, SonarQube clearly signals whether your commits are clean, your projects are releasable, and how well your organization is hitting the mark.

Clear feedback

Get clear feedback

And if you’re not hitting the mark, you’ll know immediately what’s wrong and how to fix it. Wouldn’t it be nice if all feedback were that clear and direct?

Always know where you stand

Keep quality front and center throughout the development cycle.

Quality Gate Quality Gate Passed indicator

You won’t be surprised at the last minute with quality problems. SonarQube gives you a clear releaseability indicator at every build.

Quality Gate Quality Gate Failed indicator

Quality Gates coalesce the team around a shared vision of quality. Everyone knows the standard and whether it’s being met.

Project metrics that didn't meet the defined quality standards

For failed Quality Gates, the error conditions show you what needs fixing

Data where you need it

Push notifications and open APIs make integrating with your other systems painless. From wallboards to CI/CD integration, it’s easy to know your project’s releasability.

Information on wallboards
On your wallboards
Information through email
To your Inbox
Information in CI/CD pipelines
In your CI/CD
See integrations

Grows with you

Sane defaults out of the box, but you can raise the bar as your team builds its quality muscles.

Set up a "Champions’ League" and watch developers vie to join it.

Quality gates are configurable so you can set higher standards as your team progresses

Single source of truth
for all the languages in your project

SonarQube applies the same Quality Gate to all the languages in your project, so when it says “go”, there’s really nothing holding you back.

Commercial Features

From first commit to enterprise oversight

Keep an eye on your Releasability from pull request analysis and decoration to executive overviews.

Know your code is good enough

Pull Request analysis gives you a clear go/no-go on merging to master. With SonarQube as a reviewer, you know (almost) immediately whether your code is good enough to merge.

PR analysis gives applies your "on new code" Quality Gate conditions to PRs

Visualize your team's success

Portfolios give you immediate insight into the health of all the projects across an entire department, including your projects’ average Releasability.

Portfolios give you averages of quality ratings across projects

Delivered to your Inbox

Subscribe to regular delivery of concise, actionable PDF reports.

PDF reporting
Page 1 of the Portfolio PDF shows overall indicators
  • General overview
  • Trends vs N° of projects
pull request Example of lines of code with an issue SonarQube's dashboard of continuous inspection

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