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= Productivity

Clean code means happier developers
and higher team velocity

Maintainability analysis for more productivity

Your code comes out smelling like a rose

SonarQube helps you find your Code Smells and understand what’s wrong.
Then it shows you how to fix the problem.

Coding should be fun

By some estimates, maintenance accounts for more than 90% of project costs. That’s a lot of time reworking existing code. With clean code you spend less time figuring out how it works and more time having fun writing great code that solves problems!

With clean code you have happier developers and higher team velocity.

Find your Code Smells and understand what’s wrong
Early quality feedback will empower you as a developer
Early quality feedback, empowered developers

By raising new Code Smells early in the process, you're guided to committing only sweet-smelling code. That makes life easier for your colleagues and makes you look like a pro.

Even better, seeing what Code Smells exist in code you're about to tackle gives you advance warning of the pitfalls you'll face and help knowing whom to ask about them.

The right feedback, at the right place, at the right time

  • SonarLint in your corner
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SonarLint will provide you the earliest possible feedback

Coding standard rules promote civility

Enshrine the team coding standards into your Quality Profile and you'll never argue again about naming conventions or where the curly brace goes. Personal preference gives way to team wisdom, and using SonarQube to enforce the standard short-circuits arguments.

Define team coding standards into your Quality Profile
Life-long learning

Whether you're new to a language or just polishing your technique, even the most experienced developers don't know everything. That's why SonarQube makes every Issue a teachable moment.

From an issue, you have easy access to the reasoning behind the rule, information on why you should follow it, and what can go wrong if you don't. Plus, most rules have code samples that demonstrate the fix.

Don't change the code because SonarQube says you should. Change it because you've learned to do better.

Learn from every issue and grow as a developer

Quality is more than just Issues

SonarQube gives you more than just coding rules; a lot of work has gone into collecting and presenting the metrics you need in a way that's easy to understand. In fact, metrics are so important that we invented Cognitive Complexity to fill a gap in the industry standards.

  • Complex code is hard to understand
  • Duplications double the risk
  • Uncovered code leaves you exposed

SonarQube raises Cognitive Complexity issues on code that's structured in a way that is hard to understand. Studies show that complex code is more likely to be buggy, and confusing code could lead maintainers to add new Bugs. Use SonarQube as a guide to bring the Cognitive Complexity down and colleague comprehension up.

Learn more in this video on Refactoring with Cognitive Complexity

Find and understand Cognitive Complexity issues

Every language has best practices

SonarQube helps you follow them.

Whether you’re new to a language or just polishing your technique, SonarQube provides guidance and coaching to help you write clean code, whatever the technology.

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