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Let Code Quality
boost your CI/CD

Non-disruptive code quality checks overlay your workflow and intelligently promote clean builds

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Analyzes lines of code Your CI/CD workflow for continous Code Quality

Automated code analysis - right when it’s needed!

Reliably track your codebase health and prevent newly introduced issues from flowing downstream

Automated code analysis through a CI/CD workflow
Keeping new code clean translates into more throughput and less disruption later. Fixing issues earlier in the cycle pays dividends in the end.

Minimal configuration required

It’s the beauty of Static Code Analysis, all that’s needed is access to the code in your repository

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We speak your language

25+ programming languages supported including Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Go, Ruby and many more!

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Using build frameworks?

For languages like Java, C#, C, C++ and Objective-C, SonarQube tightly couples with build frameworks to get project info and ensure accurate analysis.

Icon of native Git and SVN support

We track code changes

Native Git and SVN support. Just checkout your repo and let SonarQube track new code.

(more SCMs supported with Community Plugins)

Couples with Apache Ant a Java library
Couples with Apache Maven a software project management and comprehension tool
Couples with Gradle an open-source build automation system
Couples with MSBuild a free and open-source build tool
Couples with Makefile a file containing a set of directives

With SonarQube,
your workflow runs smarter not harder

Native integrations let you easily schedule the execution of an analysis from all CI engines

Compatible with Jenkins an open source automation server Jenkins
Compatible with Azure DevOps an automation server Azure DevOps
Compatible with Bamboo a commercial automation server Bamboo
Compatible with TeamCity a management and continuous integration server TeamCity
Compatible with AppVeyor a continuous integration solution for Windows and Linux AppVeyor

Open to all tools via WebAPI and Webhooks

As part of the overall development ecosystem, the SonarQube Web API can be used to automatically provision a SonarQube project, feed a BI tool, monitor SonarQube, etc.

Commercial Features  

Automatically analyze branches
and decorate Pull Requests

4 powerful ALM solutions

Deep support for 4 powerful ALM solutions. Maximize your throughput while still only merging quality code back to the master branch. Your attention is only diverted when code issues break in.

Your branch analysis with Quality Gate

Branch analysis

With Developer Edition, branches get Quality Gates too - pushing clean commits becomes a routine affair.

Pull Request decoration

Decorations right in your favorite ALM give you a clear Quality Gate status and issue summary.

  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • GitHub GitHub
  • Azure DevOps Azure DevOps
  • GitLab GitLab
Your pull request from Bitbucket using SonarQube

Learn more about the SonarQube integration with your ALM

pull request Example of lines of code with an issue SonarQube's dashboard of continuous inspection

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