Centralize Quality

All projects in one place

Getting everyone on a team on the same page about quality is hard enough. What happens when you expand the scope to a department or an entire organization? SonarQube enables you to centralize and scale a single vision of code quality.

all analyzed projects view

rule sets

Shared rulesets

SonarQube offers a central place to view and define the rules used during analysis of projects. These rulesets are organized in quality profiles. Every member of the organization can see which rules are applied to their project. Every project administrator can choose which quality profile is used for the project.

Unified Quality Gate

SonarQube provides out-of-the-box a default Quality Gate focusing on the Leak concept. This means that the same requirements will be applied across the board to every project - greenfield and legacy; in-house, out-source and off-shore.

quality gate

projects dashboard

Cross projects services

Most services are available cross projects. For example, as a developer you can use the issues service to get all new issues assigned to you - across projects - so that you can concentrate on your work. As a technical lead, the projects page lists all your favorite projects and lets you explore them on different axes.

Risk-based views

Executives will use aggregated dashboards which come as part of the Governance product not only to get the big picture about quality of projects but also to assess their risk: Reliability, Security, and Maintainability; as well as the overall Releasability (Quality Gate adherence).

The timeline charts let you assess changes in project quality over time, or zoom in on a subset of the project history to pinpoint changes in quality gate status.

management dashboard

projects dashboard

Parallel report processing

Ensure fast, efficient report generation and processing across multiple fields of analysis…no matter how many projects you have or how complex your reporting requirements are!