How to use SonarQube logos?

You can use these logos freely in compliance with the legal terms and guideline below.

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Inspected with SonarQube

If your application is analyzed on a regular basis on an official version* of the SonarQube platform, you can:

  • Use the black “Inspected with SonarQube” logo in your product’s marketing.
  • Use the black “Inspected with SonarQube” logo to link to the analysis of your application.


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Continuous Inspection SonarQube

If your are writing about SonarQube platform in print or online, you can:

  • Use the black “Continuous Inspection SonarQube” logo in a blog post, news article, or social media reference about the SonarQube platform to link to http://www.sonarqube.org.


What you can NOT do

  • Use any SONARQUBE logo or portions of such a logo on your own application’s interface or icon.
  • Create a modified version of any SONARQUBE logos.
  • Integrate any SONARQUBE logo into your logo.
  • Change the colors, shapes, granularity, proportions or add your own text on any SONARQUBE logo.
  • Use any SONARQUBE logo to promote products that compete with any SONARSOURCE commercial products.

Naming projects and products

  • Do not use the brands SONARQUBE or SONARSOURCE as names or words to identify your own products or services.

* An official version of the SonarQube platform is any version that has been downloaded from www.sonarqube.org. For more details on the usage of the SONARQUBE™ brand and approved logos, please read the official legal terms of the Approved SonarQube™ Label License. Use of any of the approved SONARQUBE logos constitutes acceptance of the Approved SonarQube™ Label License.