Everything’s a component

Something occurred to me recently that I wanted to share. Sometimes I’m late to the party, so this may have been obvious to you all along, but it didn’t jump out at me at first, so I thought it might be worth talking about. It’s the fact that the Views plugin turns a project into just another component.

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Bring a new dimension to Sonar with the Views Plugin

The community has started several months ago to request a plugin to group / aggregate projects in Sonar. This plugin was released a couple of days ago under the name : Sonar Views Plugin. It is a commercial plugin edited by SonarSource that goes beyond the community initial expectations.
The Views Plugin enables to create any kind and any number of aggregation trees. Here are few examples :

  • Recreate inside Sonar the company internal organization : projects can be grouped by applications, applications by team, teams by department…
  • Group projects by type : libraries, web applications…
  • Separate legacy projects from new ones

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