Knowing Better Sonar Users

This is sometimes a bit frustrating, when you are contributing to an Open Source project, to have doubts about who your users are… really. Not knowing them might lead to not understand their needs and therefore not being close enough to deliver value.

Despite the fact that we are always ready to answer questions on the mailing lists, the Sonar team wanted to be sure it knows well enough its users and their experience using the platform. That is why we recently made two polls and today I would like to share their results :

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Hudson Sonar plugin 1.0 : to industrialize the ultimate build system

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post on the “The Ultimate Enterprise Java Build Solution“, to show that nowadays the debate on infrastructure has shifted from open source vs commercial to modular vs integrated. Did we mention that we believe in the modular approach ? I don’t think we did but it was obvious, wasn’t it ? ;-)
The solution described by Christopher Jugg is basically what we have in place to run Nemo, the public instance of Sonar : Maven, Hudson, Nexus, Subversion and Sonar. Here is a diagram that shows our Amazon EC2 infrastructure :

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We had a dream : mvn sonar:sonar

About a year ago we started to dream about the possibility to launch a full quality analysis on any Maven projects, with no configuration by simply running a simple and easy to remember command. Last week, when the Sonar maven plugin joined the Codehaus Mojo project, this dream became reality from Sonar 1.8 onwards.
Joining this project presents several advantages to Sonar but the main one is definitely the step toward simplicity. Indeed, the old way to launch a quality analysis was to execute the maven command “mvn org.codehaus.sonar:sonar-maven-goal:X.Y:sonar”, it now becomes “mvn sonar:sonar”. No need to carry anymore the Sonar web server version, the Sonar Maven plugin groupId, artifactId, … simply launch “mvn sonar:sonar” !

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Maven Site, Sonar or both of them ?

As we get more and more questions about possible overlaps between Sonar and Maven Site, I think it is time to explain the clear vision we have on this important subject. Let me start by answering three questions :

  • What is the Maven Site made for ?
    Provide a static portal to publish documentation on projects. By the way, this portal is used by many Open Source projects as their main web site (for instance Commons Collections or Cargo).

  • What is Sonar made for ?
    Provide an enterprise OSS capable of handling, managing and reporting all data related to source code quality

  • What are the possible overlaps?

    All the quality reports available in the Maven Site under “Project Documentation -> Project Reports”, such as CPD Report, PMD Report, Cobertura Tests Coverage, …

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