SonarQube 4.1 in Screenshots

The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 4.1, which includes many exciting new features:

  • Tracking of added technical debt
  • New Bubble Chart widget on projects and views
  • New search panel on Issues and Measures pages
  • Project key pattern for permission templates
  • New modal windows to select users and groups
  • New permission to administer issues

Tracking of Added Technical Debt

You can now see how much new technical debt was added. The standard drilldown shows you where it was added so you can begin cleaning it back up.

New Bubble Chart widget on projects and views

This version of SonarQube introduces another way to visualize your project’s technical debt: a bubble chart widget.

It shows a bubble per file in the project, and you can mouse over a bubble to see its x, y and size values. It’s fully configurable, with settings for bubble size, and the axes, plus the ability to choose logarithmic scales for the axes, which gives a very different look to the same data.

In either view, smaller bubbles are stacked on top of larger bubbles in the z-axis, so you shouldn’t have much problem mousing over every single bubble… uhm file in your project.

New search panel on Issues and Measures pages

The Issues and Measures services get re-worked search interfaces in this version. Gone are the search forms down the side. Now there’s a dynamically expanding form across the top of the page.

Saved search management has been tucked under the icon at the left of the form.

Project key pattern for permission templates

Those readers managing large instances will be glad to see the next new feature: SonarQube 4.1 brings the ability to associate project key patterns with permission templates.

Any new projects with a key matching the regular expression specified for a template will automatically be assigned to that template. Just make sure your regexes aren’t too broad; you won’t be able to provision or analyze projects that match multiple templates’ patterns.

New modal windows to select users and groups

Also in the area of permissions, the modal window for managing user and group permissions has gotten a facelift.

Toggle a checkbox to see the selected (or de-selected) row instantly whisked off the screen, or begin typing in the search input to see the results immediately filtered to match your query.

New permission to administer issues

This last item doesn’t have a screenshot, but it’s big news nonetheless. SonarQube 4.1 adds an “Administer Issues” project permission, which grants the holder the ability to mark issues false positive and to change issue severity. The database migration for this version grants everyone who has Browse on a project Administer Issues rights. What you do from there is up to you.

That’s all, Folks!

Time now to download the new version and try it out. But don’t forget to read the installation or upgrade guide.

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