SonarLint: Fixing Issues Before They Exist

I’m very happy to announce the launch of a new product series at SonarSource: SonarLint, which will help you fix code quality issues before they even exist.

SonarLint represents a new approach to code quality: instant issue checking. It sits in the IDE and is totally developer-oriented. We’ve started with three variations: SonarLint for VisualStudio, SonarLint for Eclipse, and SonarLint for IntelliJ.

Version 1.x will be available for C# via SonarLint for VisualStudio, and for Java and PHP with both SonarLint for Eclipse and SonarLint for Intellij. So now you can start catching and fixing issues from your projects’ first keystrokes.

Here’s a preview in VisualStudio:

And here’s a preview for Eclipse:

Later, we’ll add the ability to link SonarLint with a SonarQube instance.

This complete break from the approach of previous implementations is what prompted us to start over with a new brand. With SonarLint, it’s a new day in code quality.

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