Sonar PDF Plugin: code quality information in a PDF report

When dealing with source code quality information within a company, Sonar is the perfect reporting tool as it is accessible to everybody and centralizes the information through its web server . However, in some cases, this information can be at the destination of third party organizations. This situation is common in an enterprise environment, for instance on quality audit projects or outsourced projects. In both cases, a quality measurement deliverable is required. This is the aim of the Sonar PDF Plugin.

As described in a previous article, a Sonar plugin is a simple jar that must be copied to the /extensions/plugins directory of the Sonar web server in order to be loaded at next start. That is not the case for Sonar PDF as it is a maven plugin. The plugin uses Sonar extension points, especially the web services API, so all the data used by this plugin is retrieved through WS API.

PDF Report

The plugin, version 0.2, is currently able to report on :

  • Global dashboard
  • Violations by categories
  • Hotspots

A full example of the report is available here.

What about the future? The future is Team Workbook Report, the second report type that will include most deep data as violations per class and line, graphics and more.

The author : Antonio Manuel Muñiz, (Blog, email)

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