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Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month…

Sonar and JaCoCo
By Raghu, 1 December 2011
I am a fan (and regular user) of Sonar, a platform to manage code quality. The 2.12 release of Sonar, which happened yesterday, introduced a bunch of new features including Java 7 support and the availability of Jacoco into Sonar core.

Industrialiser vos projets Flex avec Hudson, Maven, Sonar, FlexPMD et FlexCPD
By Fabien Nicollet, 5 December 2011
Dans le monde Java, il existe de nombreux outils permettant de vérifier l’intégrité de votre code (tests unitaires) mais aussi pour vous assurer que la qualité de votre code est respectée. Ces outils vous permettent d’assurer la robustesse des applications que vous créez.

My Testing and Code Analysis Toolbox
By Jens Schauder, 11 December 2011
Last week we kicked of a “Testing Skill Group” at LINEAS, a group for exchanging knowledge about testing. One question that came up over and over again in various flavors was: What tools are there for testing and analyzing your code? So here is my personal answer for this, in the approximately order I tend to introduce them into projects…

Open Source & code Legacy
By Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE, 18 December 2011
There are more and more solutions of analysis of code which allow to measure the quality of your applications. Most are sold by software vendors, and we had the opportunity to verify that these solutions are expensive to buy, to implement and to use (Disposable software). In response, the last decade has seen the rise of the Open Source alternative to proprietary software.

Flex + ( Ant | Maven ) + Sonar
By Jozef Chutka, 5 December 2011
The title may sound like there are two possible ways how you can have your source code analyzed and published to sonar, but you better do not rejoice prematurely. After spending couple of hours trying to figure out how to make it work using ant I may have hit some nice articles, however sonar-ant-task seems to have major issues with sonar version 2.8. The solution is maven!

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