Sonar 1.11 in screenshots

We’re happy to announce the release of Sonar 1.11. This new version contains more than 60 issues that have been resolved amongst which improvements, bug fixes, technical migrations and also several new features. Here are the most important ones in screenshots :

Components page

This new service provides a new way to explore components of a project, module and package. It brings at project level the functionality available on the home page already.

Component service

Commented-out lines of code

Commented-out code is bad ! If you are not convinced, you should read this article by Robert C. Martin explaining why such comments must be deleted. Sonar now provides a unique feature to track down those lines.

Branch coverage

Branch coverage has been added to Sonar and the coverage metric now mixes line coverage and branch coverage. Thanks to Andreas Klug who provided a patch for this functionality. The new metric is available in the dashboard :

and in the resource viewer :

On the invisible side, the purge mechanism has been greatly improved, enabling better support of multi-modules maven projects and better performances globally.

More information are available in the release notes. You can give it a go right now !

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