SonarSource uses two channels to communicate with the SonarQube community. One for user support (Stackoverflow) and one for people who want to contribute to the platform (“SonarQube” Google group). We invite you to join us, and ask only that you respect a few basic courtesies.

User Support on Stackoverflow

This place is for all the users of SonarQube, from the admins to the end users. If it has to do with:

  • installing,
  • configuring,
  • maintaining,
  • updating,
  • upgrading,
  • analyzing,
  • using the interface

, this is the place to ask it.

To find an answer to your question or post a message, head to Stack Overflow. Please tag your questions with “sonarqube” and any other useful tag like “javascript”, “mysql”, “web-services”, …etc.

Contributor Discussions on Google group

If you are:

  • a seasoned user who wants to discuss new features or give feedback on existing ones,
  • an early adopter who helps testing the upcoming releases of SonarQube or plugins,
  • a plugin developer who needs help or who wants to launch a vote for his plugin

, then the “SonarQube” Google group is the place where you will be able to discuss with other contributors.


  • Be polite – say “Hello” if it’s your first post. Don’t be rude or abrupt. Throw in a “thank you” every once in a while.
  • Explain yourself clearly – if you’re having a problem, give enough detail to help others help you. If you have a suggestion or an idea try to explain it clearly and give the advantages you see.
  • Don’t trash talk – everyone has feelings, and the members of SonarSource and the SonarQube community have worked hard to offer you a whole lot of high quality software for free. Please keep that in mind when you’re frustrated by some decision or “feature” that you consider short-sighted.
  • Don’t expect instant turnaround – operators are not standing by. There is no one who’s job it is to wait for your email and answer it immediately. The community is peopled primarily of users just like you who have jobs and lives that take up most of their time. In their free moments they try to help each other – and you – out.

Writing an effective post

When you write in to either community for help, there are a few things to include to help the community members help you

  • Version of SonarQube
  • If you’re having an analysis problem
    • Version of the analyzer – be sure to provide the details of how you’re analyzing, including which analysis engine you’re using, SonarQube Runner, Maven, etc., and its version
    • Project configuration file (, pom.xml, etc.)
    • Complete log from analysis run in debug mode (-X)
  • If you’re having some other problem
    • Version of the tool in question – for example if you need help with the Eclipse plugin, provide the version of Eclipse and the version of the plugin you’re running.

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