Need help? Here is how to get support.

1. Documentation

This very first step is to check the documentation, as it is very complete. It should offer everything you need to properly get started. Then you can find detailed information on every SonarQube feature and plugin.

2. Archives

If you did not find a solution in the documentation, have a look at our forums:

  • For questions related to installation and configuration, check Stack Overflow (sonar tag)
  • For other matters, browse the user mailing list archive on Nabble or Markmail

3. Ask a question

Still no luck? You should consider posting a question:

  • on Stack Overflow for installation or configuration issues only (sonar and configuration/installation tags)
  • on the user list for other matters (such as reporting a bug)

4. SonarSource support

SonarSource provides support packages to better enable customers to respond to their short-term or long-term needs with SonarQube. These packages ensure the ongoing success of product deployments by saving time and effort and ensuring to receive prompt, expert assistance in troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair. More information is available here.

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