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Long-term supported version
3.7.4: Fix regressions on project permission management and bulk deletion page
3.7.3: Fix issues migration from version older than 3.6. More stable notification service
3.7.2: Speed up migration of violations to issues
3.7.1: Enhance performances (dry-run mode, notifications delivery, server startup), fix vulnerabilities and 80+ other improvements
3.7: Bulk change operation on issues, ability to save/edit/delete/list issues filters, new permissions to run analyses, bulk update of project permissions, support of Maven 3.1
Released December 20, 2013
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Latest stable release
4.2: Multi-language support, tags of rules, new visual measure filter representations, improved Issues page
Released March 26, 2014
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Long-term supported version and latest stable release
Technical release: API improvements
Released July 23, 2013
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