SonarQube 4.4 in Screenshots

The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 4.4, which includes many exciting new features:

  • Rules page
  • Component viewer
  • New Quality Gate widget
  • Improved multi-language support
  • Built-in web service API documentation

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Unit Test Execution in SonarQube

Starting with Java Ecosystem version 2.2 (compatible with SonarQube version 4.2+), we no longer drive the execution of unit tests during Maven analysis. Dropping this feature seemed like such a natural step to us that we were a little surprised when people asked us why we’d taken it.

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.NET in SonarQube: bright future

A few months ago, we started on an innocuous-seeming task: make the .NET Ecosystem compatible with the multi-language feature in SonarQube 4.2. What followed was a bit like one of those cartoons where you pull a string on the character’s sweater and the whole cartoon character starts to unravel. Oops.

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With great power comes great configuration

We’ve got an ambitious vision for the C/C++ plugin this year. To fulfill it, we started with some under-the-cover improvements to the parser and the internal data model. Those improvements were really just a means to an end, but they’ve had the effect of markedly improving our ability to parse and analyze C and C++ code.

Unfortunately, they came with a downside: a higher analysis configuration burden. For instance, in order to correctly expand macros in the code (and we can, now), we need to know what the macro means. Which means that the macro definition needs to be passed in to the analysis.

Just contemplating the configuration update required for a single large system made me queasy, and I wasn’t the only one. So we set the main plugin aside for a little while this spring and wrote a build wrapper, which will eavesdrop on the tool of your choice (e.g. Make or MSBuild) to gather all the extra configuration data for you.

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Quality Gates: Shall your projects pass?

With SonarQube 4.3, the concept formerly known as alerts came into its own. No longer, a subset of Quality Profiles (it was always a slightly awkward fit there), the alert concept has grown up and become Quality Gates.

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SonarQube 4.3 in Screenshots

The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 4.3, which includes many exciting new features:

  • Quality Gate concept
  • Better display of technical debt
  • Cloud widgets
  • Improved search form
  • Keyboard shortcuts

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Sonar Becomes The SonarQube Platform

About a year ago, we changed the name of Sonar to the SonarQube™ platform, but we didn’t talk much about why we made the change, so today I though it would be a good idea to explain the reasons. The main one is that “Sonar” is a very common name, and it wasn’t possible for us to define usage rules around the name and to build a brand that we could protect.

With the name change, we’ve established a unique brand, so now we can offer standard terms and conditions for limited use of the SonarQube brand to developers, software companies, and content providers whose related products meet certain safety, quality, and ethical standards.

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SonarQube 4.2 in Screenshots

The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 4.2, which includes many exciting new features:

  • Multi-language analysis
  • Tags of rules
  • New visual measure filter representations (bubble chart, pie chart and histogram)
  • Improved Issues page

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At Long Last, SonarQube Is a True Polyglot

Good taste prevents me from embedding a trumpet fanfare into this post, but it does seem warranted. After all, with the release of SonarQube version 4.2 last week, SonarSource has finally implemented the all-time highest voted ticket in the SonarQube backlog: multi-language analysis.

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Ducks Make It Look Easy Too

Since I joined SonarSource full time at the beginning of this month, I’ve been thinking a lot about ducks and belly dancers.

That seems like an odd combination, but they have more in common than you might think. Most people have heard the old saw about being like a duck: stay calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath. It’s pretty much the same for belly dancers; those big, poofy pants (or skirts) they wear aren’t simply a fashion statement; they’re intended hide how hard the dancer’s legs are working in the process of making the rest of the body move.

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