What’s New in SonarEcosystem – April 2016

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Build Breaker

There have been some heated discussions recently about the Build Breaker plugin… SonarSource doesn’t want to continue the feature. The community has come to see it as a must have… So I’d like to explain why at SonarSource we no longer think it should be used.

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The Agenda for the Geneva Conference is Available

The Geneva SonarQube is going to take place on 23rd-24th of September in Geneva and it is still possible to register

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Call for Papers is Open for Geneva SonarQube Conference

A few weeks ago, I announced a free SonarQube User Conference in Geneva on the 23rd and 24th of September. More than 100 people have already registered.

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Geneva SonarQube Conference – Sept. 23 & 24.

We are very happy to announce the first SonarQube European User Conference! This two-day free event will take place in Geneva on September 23rd and 24th, right in the heart of the city at Côté Cour Côté Jardin – Rue de la Chapelle 8, 1207 Geneva.

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Water Leak Changes the Game for Technical Debt Management

A few months ago, at the end of a customer presentation about “The Code Quality Paradigm Change”, I was approached by an attendee who said, “I have been following SonarQube & SonarSource for the last 4-5 years and I am wondering how I could have missed the stuff you just presented. Where do you publish this kind of information?”. I told him that it was all on our blog and wiki and that I would send him the links. Well…

When I checked a few days later, I realized that actually there wasn’t much available, only bits and pieces such as the 2011 announcement of SonarQube 2.5, the 2013 discussion of how to use the differential dashboard, the 2013 whitepaper on Continuous Inspection, and last year’s announcement of SonarQube 4.3. Well (again)… for a concept that is at the center of the SonarQube 4.x series, that we have presented to every customer and at every conference in the last 3 years, and that we use on a daily basis to support our development at SonarSource, those few mentions aren’t much.

Let me elaborate on this and explain how you can sustainably manage your technical debt, with no pain, no added complexity, no endless battles, and pretty much no cost. Does it sound appealing? Let’s go!

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SonarQube User Conference in Paris

We are very happy to announce that we are organizing our first Paris SonarQube User Conference, on June 10, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Salons de l’Aéro-Club, 6 Rue Galilée in the 16th arrondissement.

This conference offers a great opportunity to meet other members of the community and compare notes on your experiences with the platform. We’ll also discuss new features, and the platform road map. We’re expecting many members of the community, including speakers from our global customer base and partners, and of course the SonarSource Team. We are expecting heated debate around the adoption and perspectives for SonarQube, as well as some insights on the paradigm shift in managing Technical Debt!

The program will also feature talks from Jean-Louis Letouzey (www.sqale.org) on understanding and leveraging the SQALE methodology, and Jean-Marc Prieur from Microsoft (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jmprieur/) on the integration with Visual Studio & TFS.

To register for the event, simply send an email to kristi.karu At sonarsource.com. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

SonarQube User Conference – U.S. West (Santa Clara, CA)

We are very happy to announce that the second SonarQube user conference will take place on April 27th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, California.

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Codehaus & Ben: Thank You and Good Bye

It seems very natural today that SonarQube is hosted at Codehaus, but there was a time when it was not! In fact joining Codehaus was a big achievement for us; you might even say it was one of the project’s first milestones, because Codehaus didn’t accept just any project. That may seem strange today, when you can get started on Github in a matter of minutes, but Codehaus was picky, and just being accepted was a big deal.

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Sonar Becomes The SonarQube Platform

About a year ago, we changed the name of Sonar to the SonarQube™ platform, but we didn’t talk much about why we made the change, so today I though it would be a good idea to explain the reasons. The main one is that “Sonar” is a very common name, and it wasn’t possible for us to define usage rules around the name and to build a brand that we could protect.

With the name change, we’ve established a unique brand, so now we can offer standard terms and conditions for limited use of the SonarQube brand to developers, software companies, and content providers whose related products meet certain safety, quality, and ethical standards.

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