Measure Coverage by Integration Tests with Sonar – Updated

It has now been almost 2 years since JaCoCo was integrated as a plugin in Sonar and more than 18 months since Evgeny published his post to describe how to Measure Code Coverage by Integration Tests with Sonar. A lot happened since then on this JaCoCo integration into Sonar: creation of an ANT task for JaCoCo, support for branch coverage, integration of JaCoCo in Sonar…

This is why I thought it would be a good time to post an updated version of Evgeny’s post.

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Measure Code Coverage by Integration Tests with Sonar

You probably know already that JaCoCo is the most performant code coverage engine. But you might not know that you can now combine it with Sonar to assess the code coverage by integration tests. This was the most voted Sonar issue (SONAR-613) and the latest version of the Sonar JaCoCo Plugin solves it. I am now going to explain how.

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Sonar invited by Pyxis at Agile 2009

No one from SonarSource could attend the event. However we are proud that Sonar is going to be represented there by a company who we share at least 3 values with: Agility, Open Source (GreenPepper) and Human values. This company is Pyxis !

At the same time, the first version of the Greenpepper Sonar plugin has been released. Go and meet the Pyxis’s team at Agile 2009 : they are really nice people, I am sure they will give you a demo of GreenPepper / Sonar… and maybe a Sonar tee-shirt ;-).

Agile 2009
Green Pepper

The Sonar plugins forge is up and running !

Amongst Sonar built-in strengths, we mentioned extensibility several times without giving many details. Time has come to discuss it further as anyone can now easily contribute to the Sonar plugins ecosystem.
We do know extensibility of a tool is a key aspect to get it widely adopted. That is why we built Sonar around a very light core that consists mainly in an extension mechanism. Everything else in Sonar is a plugin. However, having such a mechanism in place is only one step amongst four to reach extensibility and leverage this capability :

  • An easy to use API
  • A forge
  • An active community
  • A “Getting started” documentation with examples

We believe that we have today a sufficient base on all four points.

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